Aloha, Nick Ponte here. As an SEO expert in Maui, Hawaii, I run a digital marketing agency that helps businesses strengthen their advertising and gain top search engine rankings. Recently, I wrote about some of the advantages to Hawaii online marketing.

I’ve known businesses with incredible-looking websites, but no one saw them because the owners hadn’t invested in optimizing them for search engines. Users typically don’t look past the first two or three links in a search. Even if owners initially set their site up well, it takes more than a one-and-done website launch to achieve and maintain a high SERP (search engine results page) ranking.

When it comes to Hawaii SEO, does your website attract real user attention? Your website may look amazing, but if you haven’t optimized it for search engines, you won’t see much traffic. So, how can you get an excellently optimized website and consistent increases in traffic? Hire a quality Hawaii SEO Company to take care of all the details.

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Hand Off Optimization to Experts

Without a quality Hawaii SEO company designing your website, you risk your reputation. Cheap services can cause damage to your SEO and domain that end up hard to erase. Bad link building and poorly written content can wreak havoc on your ability to show up on SERPs—and can take years to correct. With such significant problems, you have the potential for Google penalties and traffic declines. If you’ve already experienced these issues, or you suspect a similar issue, you may need more extensive help, like SEO recovery services (in this case, try a good SEO audit to get a true idea of your position).

Of course, you don’t seek out traffic to your website as the final goal—you need traffic that leads to conversions. So, the Hawaii SEO agency you hire needs to have expertise deeper than basic advertising and website building. Ultimately, you want their efforts to lead to conversion maximization.

As far as cost concerns, know that you will find more value through spending more for strategies that work. Don’t make the mistake of trying to “save” a little while your website still suffers. When you have to fix problems later, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Pay attention to how much you will get in return for your compensation, and choose a company that produces real results

Let me give you some more tips about how to select a Hawaii SEO company that truly gives your business a boost through digital advertising.

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3 Important Factors to Look for in Hawaii SEO Companies

Ask yourself these three questions when evaluating a potential SEO parter:

1. Do They Have a History of Results and Satisfied Clients?

When you consider a Hawaii SEO company, ask for recent case studies of their successful SEO campaigns. Even if you can’t see complete details due to client confidentiality, the company can usually provide statistics and general information about traffic increases.

Find out as much information about the agency you consider, too. Check out their portfolio

Talk to previous or current clients about the extent of their services and whether they’ve seen measurable results. Make sure you find out current information to know if the company stays on top of trends and technology.

2. Can They Work with You Beyond SEO?

Since your ultimate goal is more sales, make sure the SEO agency can carry you through the transition into conversion optimization. Do they have a strong track record of improving sales statistics related to site traffic? Do they use effective tools to test conversion rates and effectiveness?

Choose a Hawaii SEO company that can continue working with you beyond the initial optimization. That way, whatever digital ad needs you have in the future, whether that’s adding eCommerce features to your website, establishing PPC campaigns, or social media marketing, they’ll have you covered.

3. Do They Allow Conversation and Collaboration?

You need to look at an agency like a partner coming alongside you in your business. That means you need to find a good match that you can collaborate with. If you continually miss seeing eye-to-eye, you won’t likely be a good fit for each other. The agency needs to relate to you, understand your goals, and have a solid feel for your business model.

Get to know the Hawaii SEO agency as much as you can. Ask individuals about their specific roles and how they will help you achieve your business goals. For instance, at our agency, a prospective client has the opportunity to communicate with multiple team members of ours before signing on. Additionally, they can check out our website and portfolio to learn more about our methods.

We’d love to talk more about how we can help you increase conversions by attracting more traffic through website optimization. If you want to learn more, reach out to us today!

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