Aloha! Nick Ponte, here, writing from the island on Maui, Hawaii, where I run a digital advertising agency. I like sharing tips on my blog for local Maui business owners to improve their advertising and marketing strategies. Lately, I’ve shared several ways owners can optimize their business websites, but today I’m giving advice about building brand awareness through social media ads.

How can you begin to establish brand awareness through social media ad campaigns?

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Creating Brand Awareness on Social Media in Hawaii

Social media works as a great tool, offering numerous benefits for your business. Much of it comes at no cost, but there are some cases where spending money can benefit you even more. One of these: Ad campaigns. Social media ads can help your marketing game in a few ways, but a primary one is by creating brand awareness.

Before you gain someone as a customer, you have to make them aware you exist. Advertising agencies use brand awareness campaigns to reach a broader target audience for their clients. To introduce your Maui brand to your ideal customer, you should run a brand awareness campaign.

Brand awareness is necessary because you can’t build trust with customers and clients without first introductions. It needs to be a memorable experience where customers get familiar with your brand and offers.

Measuring the success of an awareness campaign can get a little tricky. It’s not as easy as looking at the number of sales or counting the number of leads you’ve acquired within a certain time period. But it’s no less important. Your measurements have to come from other gauges of success. These look more like meeting goals of views and interactions, instead of more concrete numbers like direct leads or sales.

But when you bring more brand awareness to your target audience, your chances of later conversions greatly increase. That’s why you need to identify those influenced by your brand awareness campaign.

How can you incorporate all of this into your marketing and advertising strategy?

As an advertising agency in Maui, we have experience building high-caliber ad campaigns. Let me give you some tips about how you can also get optimal results from running social media ads.

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How Maui Businesses Can Build a Successful Brand Awareness Campaign

These three tips from our advertising agency in Maui will get you moving toward a greater level of brand awareness:

  • Our Hawaii Advertising Agency Determines Your Objective

Facebook allows you to choose objectives for campaigns. If you want to reach the broadest audience possible, aim for reach. If you want to reach the audiences most likely to respond to your ads, aim for brand awareness. You also have the option to keep track of video views, if you want to optimize your video engagement and understand the results of that work.

I’ve talked previously about how we track ads in our advertising agency, but the top social media platforms provide their own methods of ad tracking. These help you get more specific measurements of the success of your social media advertising campaign.

Defining end goals helps you make decisions about your current actions. It keeps you on track when details start to bog you down or pull you in various directions. Use your goal as a rudder to keep you steering your campaign toward successful outcomes.

  • Our Maui Digital Marketing Aims for Frequency

Repetition works in your favor. Maybe you’ve heard it takes twenty-one days of repeating an action to build a habit. When it comes to information retention, some studies show it takes more than seven repetitions before your brain has a sure chance of remembering it. What does that mean for getting the word out about your business?

Users probably won’t remember your brand after seeing one ad. Your ads need to repeat frequently before they can make an impression. The more a user sees your ad within a given amount of time, the better the chances that they’ll remember and recognize your brand. However, don’t forget that too much repetition can wear out its welcome—and a user could block your ads if they feel annoyed.

Your best bet comes when you dangle an offer they want to save. Some businesses provide a link to receive an offer through direct messages from their ads. You can also have users sign up for special offers by providing their email address.

  • Our Hawaii Agency Aims for an Audience Most Likely to Remember the Ad

Your target audience will have the stickiest minds when it comes to your brand and ads. If you’re selling pet food, showing ads to non-pet owners will prove irrelevant. Instead, make efficient use of your advertising budget by showing ads to those most likely to have interest.

Since Facebook gives you the option to choose your ad campaign objective, you get to manage how your site goes out to potential customers. Facebook also gives an estimated ad recall lift metric to help you measure the success of the advertisements.

  • Our Maui Website Designers Will Build a Landing Page

An advertising agency can help you create a landing page on your website. Then, you can better keep track of your social media ads’ reach. You’ll be able to build an audience from those visitors who came to your website through that ad campaign.

Our objective, as an advertising agency in Maui, Hawaii, is to help businesses build positive reputations through marketing campaigns. Our clients find great improvements to their brand awareness through our brand awareness campaigns.

If you want to learn more about these campaigns or want help getting started with this information, reach out to us today!

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Photos Courtesy of Derek Owens, Say Cheeze Studios, & Erik Mclean

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