Aloha! I’m Nick Ponte, and I run a digital marketing agency here in Hawaii. We work with local businesses to build strategies for successful digital marketing campaigns.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been writing about several practical ways to take your SEO game to the next level

This week, we’re talking about content marketing and how it contributes to the success of both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. Companies use B2B marketing to sell their product/service to other companies. One business courts another business for purchases, such as when a fuel supplier promotes to a transportation company, or a camera manufacturer markets to a film production company. B2C is what most businesses we work with do: The customer is not a business, but a tourist or resident of Hawaii (and beyond).

To improve your results, consider the ways you can bulk up the content on your website. Content marketing works because it consistently adds new keywords throughout your website for search engines to latch on to. That makes your site pop up in search results more frequently, and gives you better chances of higher rankings.

Not only is it good for your rankings, but content engages your audience and draws in new prospects.

How will this help you market to other businesses? Keep reading…

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Why Content Marketing Works

When you strategically expand your content, you’ll get more traffic to your website. Even non-blog portions of intentionally-written content ensure top keywords get sprinkled throughout your webpages.

You also get the chance to convince people you’re the expert in your field when you demonstrate your knowledge of your industry. All this means businesses and customers get their eyes on your business name and your offers.

In our work with businesses in Hawaii, we include content marketing and blogs as part of our marketing plan for them. It gives our clients more leads and builds their credibility.

The U.S. keeps trending toward fewer mandates and restrictions regarding COVID-19, which means this spring break and summer should be huge for Hawaii businesses. Tourists and travelers are bursting to explore after two years of being cooped up, so we could see a boom in the amount of business we see in the next several months.

This means that businesses should start prepping their content marketing strategy now, as people start using search engines to evaluate destinations and travel plans. Make sure your business shows up as the FIRST business tourists find when they start planning their trips.

Check out the following steps to improve your content strategy and get more attention from potential customers through your website.

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4 Tips to Upping Your Content Marketing Game

Start now and get ahead of the competition. Use these four strategies to improve the content of your website:

  • Create Consistent Blog Posts

The easiest, most efficient way to add content to your website is through a blog. Get one started if you haven’t already, and start publishing posts on a regular basis. 

Use various methods to create content users want to read, like storytelling, guest posts, or interviews. However you present it, give valuable content to your audience. Think about information they need or advice they want to get. In this medium, you offer education and entertainment. 

A quality blog builds trust and credibility. When you offer high-caliber content, you’ll get users, leaders, and businesses sharing links and pointing to your website as a source others can learn from. More traffic means more leads!

  • Blog Topics and Headers Should Reflect Primary Keywords

As you think about topics for blog posts, keep your top strategic keywords in mind. Mention and feature them as much as possible in each post.

If you haven’t identified your primary keywords, take some time to establish them. This gives you a clear direction. Center your keywords around customers’ intent to buy, not just topics related to your business. You want customers and businesses to have ease finding you through searches. The more you include those keywords, the more you will increase your chances of ranking high on results pages.

  • Link Back to Other Posts in Your Blog

Another way to increase traction with content is to constantly link back to older posts and pages on your website. They keep visitors floating around on your site longer as they explore the various topics you’ve written on by clicking through to more pages. When done well, they enhance the way search engines view your website.

  • Aim for High-Quality Content… Instead of Sourcing to the Lowest Bidder

High-quality content with deliberate use of keywords improves results for your website. It also gives a greater probability that search engines will rank your website highly in their results. With so much potential at stake, don’t waste time and money putting out content that makes no real difference in your leads and marketing strategy.

Whether you outsource your content or have someone in your company create it, take the opportunity to create positive associations for your brand name and products. Set your brand apart from the competition by distinguishing the qualities you offer.

When we work with clients in Hawaii, our SEO strategy includes content marketing and publishing. We have stunning successes with this approach. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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Photos Courtesy of Andrew Ruiz, Chris Murray, and Nick Page

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