Hello, Nick Ponte here. I run an advertising agency here in Maui, Hawaii. We specialize in SEO services for local businesses. I recently shared why Hawaii advertising agencies can land you the key to your business’s success this year.

When it comes to choosing a Hawaii advertising agency, many business owners have questions about which qualities they should consider. You don’t want to recruit amateurs to run your advertising. They could potentially damage your ability to gain leads and conversions! You need a team of qualified advertising experts to give you the most effective results with the best return on investment.

Do you know how to select a quality team to help you grow your Hawaii business?

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The Importance of Choosing a Quality Hawaii Advertising Agency

A digital marketing strategy (or lack thereof) often makes or breaks a business. Your brand’s reputation and digital footprint rely on a top-notch, long-term strategy. A quality digital marketing strategy heavily influences user familiarity and their ease of finding you when they’re ready to purchase your product or services. When such a major aspect of your business rests with an outsourced team, you want to know they provide quality, professional services

When you consider Hawaii advertising agencies, treat the exploration period like you would treat interviews for potential employees. You want to maintain a good relationship with the agency you choose, where you can trust them to create long-term success with you. They should have the ability to implement the services you need to see results.

Do you know which questions to ask a Hawaii advertising agency as you interview them? In this potential relationship, you should have mutual expectations, know exactly which services you’ll receive, and have reasonable expectations about the outcomes. A quality advertising agency should provide you with detailed information regarding the success of past campaigns and website optimization.

Are you ready to discover which questions to have ready when you interview Hawaii advertising agencies?

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10 Essential Questions to Ask a Hawaii Advertising Agency before Hiring

When you want a Hawaii advertising agencies to help you skyrocket your business’ success, make sure to address these ten talking points before inviting them to join your team:

1. What areas of marketing do you specialize in? 

Ask about the agency’s specializations. Some agencies have more proficiency in web design, brand support, or search engine optimization. Some have experts in several areas. Ask about success in these areas of specialization and how they plan to use their expertise to boost your business.

2. What is your history of working with clients in my industry? 

Ask about the industries they work in. What kind of market research do they use? Ask for examples of their previous work, and ask for references. Do they have any current clients in your industry? Ask about strategies that worked well for businesses like yours. Check to see if their design style would work for your brand and website.

3. Do you outsource any of your work?

The best advertising agencies have in-house experts to handle their digital marketing services. An agency that outsources their services may have a difficult time with consistency. It creates degrees of separation between you and the person doing the work. Plus, the agency may lack experience and expertise when they haven’t added to their own team.

4. What kind of culture exists within your agency?

Does the agency have a culture of communication between team members? What kind of values do they hold as a company? How do the culture and values impact client interactions and services?

5. Who is my direct contact?

Ask about your point of contact within the agency. How should you communicate with them? How does the process of project management function? How do they address problems? Who should you contact when you discover issues or have a question? Ask if you can speak with other members of the team to learn more about their agency and how they provide services. Get to know the team as much as you can before you make your decision.

6. What should I expect from your billing practices? 

Do they bill per hour or per project, and when are bills sent to clients? Do they have pricing tiers, and what is included in them? How do they price projects? Do they have payment plans? Make sure you understand the ins and outs of billing long before the first invoice due.

7. What is needed from a client to start a project, and how long should I expect it to last?

Ask what the agency needs from you before beginning a project. Don’t forget to ask what to expect about its duration. Ask about the requirements for time-bound services versus ongoing services, like website maintenance, SEO management, and social media management.

Ask whether they allow your creative input. Can you edit, review, or approve? Are revisions limited? Will you need access to the website management once it’s live, or does the agency maintain control?

8. How do you measure success and results?

Do they send regular reports? What metrics do they use to monitor and report results? How do they measure a successful project? Ask about other successful clients. What kind of results did they get from previous campaigns and website designs? Ask for examples of their best work.

9. How do I cancel or change my policy?

Do they have a clear cancellation process? Once you start a policy, can you make changes if you want to add or subtract services? Sometimes businesses get surprised by additional fees or a longer contract at the very moment they want to stop services. A good digital marketing agency will have answers about the cancellation process, and offer a degree of flexibility.

10. Who would not be a good fit for your agency?

Ask about expectations they have from clients. What would cause a difficult relationship for them? You may want to follow up the interview by asking if the Hawaii advertising agency has any questions for you. This will give you more of a concept of the clients they want to work with.

In the end, you want to find an advertising agency in Hawaii that best fits your business. Alter these questions based on your company’s needs and goals. If you talk to several Hawaii advertising agencies, you’ll have the ability to ask the right questions and confidently choose the best fit.

We offer a FREE discovery call where you can grill us with these questions and any others you come up with. We’d love for you to test out your agency interview skills on our team. If you want to learn more about our onboarding process or what we provide to clients, reach out to us today!

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