Proposed by Mayor Victorino’s Maui CARES Task Force and funded through the CARES Act, The Adaptability Grant not only supports the costs associated with being compliant in terms of the new health and social distancing guidelines, but is designed for local businesses to build their digital assets, especially if they have had to restructure and move their operations online.

According to Mayor Victorino, “The purpose of the Adaptability Fund is to provide grants to help Maui County’s small businesses comply with health and safety guidelines, as well as adapt to the ‘new normal’ amid COVID-19.

Detailing the purpose of this Covid-19 small business grant, a press release by Maui County stated, “The fund also gives business owners the flexibility to customize their investments, and retool or restructure based on their needs.” Which means, “Grants would assist businesses with modifying operations and invest in technology infrastructure to expand their virtual platforms, web-based marketing and E-commerce.”

Maui County has allocated $5 million to the Adaptability Fund. These grants, which unlike loans do not have to be paid back, are expected to range from approximately $5,000 to $25,000, depending upon the strength of applicants’ proposals.

Applications for this Covid-19 small business grant opened on September 25, 2020 and are continuing through November 16, 2020. But on top of covering future expenses allowing small businesses in Maui to invest in retooling their assets, it covers expenses already incurred due to COVID dating back as far as March 20, 2020.

This ability to backdate means you could potentially be awarded $25,000 for the steps you took to not only run your business during this time, but keep it inline with the new standards.

How To Claim Your Small Business Grant on Maui

For this Covid-19 small business grant, the way that the application process works is actually quite simple.

The Adaptability Fund is available to all for-profit and non-profit Maui County small businesses with brick and mortar store fronts as well as independent contractors, consultants, creative and entertainment businesses including: artists, artisans, musicians, and cultural performers.

To start the application process, make sure you know your business status, certificate of good standing (DCCA), FEIN, GE license number as well as what your gross revenue for 2019 and 2020-to date is (they will inquire about your last 3 business bank statements, GET tax filing, current balance sheet and profit and loss statement (June 30, 2020 or later).

To get the ball rolling you will have to submit your proposed project budget. Luckily it is a super easy spreadsheet they provide where you list the items and the quote given.

To get a quote you will have to contact a reputable business that specializes in the services approved in order to receive the grant. You need this quote in order to apply.

Apply for the Maui County Adaptability Fund today!

I am the founder and CEO of Nick Ponte Marketing, a trusted company based locally here in Maui that, over the years, has generated more customers, sales, and leads for local businesses through proven marketing strategies.

Since the company’s inception and during this time we have helped many businesses in Hawaii retool and restructure. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization, building websites, Pay Per Click advertising, and Social Media Marketing, the creative team here at Nick Ponte Marketing are experts at all your Adaptability Fund needs.

Once you have spoken with us and are given the quote that allows you to apply for the Adaptability Grant; upon approval by the county you will receive 50% of the funds you are approved for by the county. Once we settle on the services you’d like to do and bill you, we provide you with a receipt to give to the county so that they give you the remaining 50% (as it is given upon completion of the project).

Fill out one of our discovery forms to get a quote that will allow you to emerge in the new economy with the greatest competitive advantage!

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