As a business it is essential to understand the importance not only of gaining new customers but driving those customers to return. An easy and effective way of doing this is by capturing emails and compiling a list that will allow you to easily and speedily interact with customers, generating more sales opportunities and opening up a line of communication.

With all the benefits of digital marketing, businesses also face the challenge of converting traffic into sales. Even customers interested in what you’re selling may be led away from your site without making a purchase. Email capture gives your business the opportunity to market to consumers over an extended period of time, potentially converting individuals that may not have been otherwise.

Have customers subscribe to your business by asking for customer contact information, and emails specifically. Collecting this information engages customers and lets you consistently market to them. Since emails have higher click-through rates than other channels you will be bringing in more sales opportunity.

Email also provides a direct channel from your business to the consumer. If you invest time in building and following up with your email list, you are able to reach customers via their personal communication. Email allows you the unique opportunity to tailor messages and control how your message is displayed. Finding the right tone and message for your client base can help encourage customer engagement.

Besides generic marketing, email can be used to deliver tailored or targeted messages to specific clientele. Personalized messages based on an individual’s purchasing history and buying patterns are more likely to solicit further business and develop customer loyalty.

Email can be highly effective as outgoing marketing but it can also be an effective tool for customers to use to contact you. Having your email readily available on your website, and having an option for customers to email you directly can be a highly valuable method of communication. If you do provide this options (and you should) you need to make sure you are staying up to date with your communication, responding to customer inquiries and feedback in a timely and appropriate manner, making the customers feel appreciated and heard.

Allowing the easy option for customers to contact you via email gives them a simple way to have any questions answered, it can also be productive to gain insight into customer habits or site issues. Individuals could also use your contact email to send reviews and feedback, providing useful information on the successes and areas of opportunity for any business.

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