Why You Must Make Google Adwords A Part Of Your Lead Generation

  • 63% of ALL people have clicked a Google Ad
  • 50% of consumers can’t tell the difference between paid ads and organic search results
  • 75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find information
  • Google delivers an average return on investment of $8 for every $1 spent

The Bottom Line…

Google Adwords is a great way to get your business in front of potential customers right away, and if you’re not currently running Google ads…

…or you’re not getting the return on investment you hoped for, we can help you get more leads and lower your ad spend.

We’ve Helped Many Local Businesses Get More Leads And Lower Google Ad Spend

I had the opportunity to work with Nick Ponte marketing recently .I was in need of some graphic design , ad layout, brochure printing ,van graphics etc. His company also made a lot of necessary change to my website and continues to maintain and make tweaks as needed. Nick arranged the design and printing on a 5 by7 brochure for me on high-quality glossy paper,and had it shipped to my door in a few days .His price was even substantially less than the quotes I had received from the mainland printing companies. I will be using Nick Ponte marketing in the future for sure.

Maui Ding Doctor

Strictly fantastic things to say about the Nick Ponte Marketing Agency. Long story short, NPM built us a custom website for my roofing company. Any questions that we had were answered with expertise, the site was built way ahead of schedule, exactly as we wanted it, and its already produced leads for our business. Aside from the new website, we’ve shifted gears and had NPM take over ALL of our local marketing and advertising, which has already landed us several clients in upwards of $20,000. We know this because of the conversion tracking functionality that has been built into our site (highly recommended). Thanks again Nick and team, we’ll be sending you our friends!


Nick has been absolutely amazing. He took my newly built website from page 11 to page 1 on google search in just under 30 days in an extremely highly competitive Jeep rental market. He is THE google seo whisperer on Maui. Oh and did I mention he does my google ads as well? How does a 17.42% CTR sound on Google AdWords?

Thomas Scott

How Would You Like To Get A Steady Supply OF Leads Day After Day?

More Leads And Lower Ad Spend = Bigger Profits For Your Bottom Line

Nick is the best at what he does, i was lucky enough to find him and have him do my website! I couldn’t be happier. Nick is professional the whole way thru, don’t waste your time, get it done with Nick Ponte! Thank you Nick! Virginia Snowden LineageGUP LLC

Nina Snowden


3 Steps To Getting More Leads And Lowering Your Ad Spend With Adwords

Step #1

Enter Your Name And Email Below And We’ll Schedule A 30 Minute Adwords Strategy Session To Talk About The What You’re Doing To Generate Leads Now And Ways To Get More Leads For Less Money

Step #2

During Our Time Together, We’ll Look At What You’re Doing Now, And We’ll Reveal Ways For You To Boost Your Lead Flow And Reduce Your Cost Per Lead With Adwords

Step #3

After Our Time On The Phone, We’ll Send You A Detailed Report That Talks About Ways To Get More Leads At A Lower Cost With Adwords And Include Customized Pricing To Have Us Manage Your Adwords Campaigns For You

**There is no obligation to hire us to manage your Adwords campaigns, and you’ll walk away with a report loaded with ideas and recommendations at no cost to you.(Real World Value = $499)

More Proof Of The Positive Results We’re Getting Our Clients With Awords

“Credibility?” And its corollary question, “Would they say what they write in their email or on their sales page to your face?”

Nick does what he says. His word is golden. In today’s world, it’s a shame you cannot take that for granted.

While the boxes of credibility and integrity are essential to me as I suspect they are for you, Nick is also creative, talented, and knowledgeable in online marketing. In particular, he is on top of the overwhelming number of options out there in this rapidly changing universe.

I have collaborated with Nick on website design and bringing traffic to a site with Google AdWords advertising. He is first rate.

If you’re looking for an optimal marketing program for your business rather than a cookie cutter approach, you can have Nick’s ear and his wealth of knowledge on your side. Every business I have ever known is unique. Nick will treat it that way as well.

Scott Korey

Scott Korey

Why You Need To Book Your FREE 30 Minute Adwords Strategy Session Now

  • We normally charge $499 for a 30 Minute Adwords Strategy Session and Adwords Success Report, but you won’t pay a dime when you book this now
  • We’re only offering a few FREE 30 Minute Adwords Strategy Sessions, so you’ll want to book this right now or risk missing out on this
  • If you’re currently running Adwords, we will give you methods for lowering your ad spend and getting higher quality leads
  • If you’re not currently running Adwords, we’ll give you an overview of how it works and also give you some great ideas for getting more leads for less money
  • The sooner you book your FREE Adwords Strategy Session, the sooner you’ll be able to get more leads and lower your ad spend
  • Even if you don’t hire us to manage your Adwords campaigns, we’ll give you ideas for getting more online leads at a low cost per lead AND we’ll give you a Customer Adwords Success Report at no cost

**There is no obligation to hire us to manage your Adwords campaigns, and you’ll walk away with a report loaded with ideas and recommendations at no cost to you.(Real World Value = $499)

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Adwords Marketing Service

I’m already using Adwords, should I book a FREE Strategy Session?


Whether you’re running ads for yourself, or you’ve hired a firm to do it for you, it’s a good idea to book a FREE Strategy Session with us.

In many cases, we’ll be able to give you ideas for lowering your ad spend, and the worst case scenario is finding out you’re getting the best results possible right now. We’ll shoot you straight!

What makes your approach to Adwords so effective?

We run a lot of Adwords campaigns for clients, so we’ve become absolute experts at everything related to Adwords and successful lead generation.

Plus, we have a focus on generating top quality leads that convert into sales at the lowest price possible.

Do I really need to run ads on Google? I don’t sell anything online.

75% of people say paid search ads make it easier to find information, and Adwords returns $8 for every $1 you spend. Even if you don’t sell online, running Google ads is a great way to get leads and increase brand awareness.

Is the 30 Minute Adwords Strategy Session really free?

Yes, for a limited time, we’re waiving the $499 fee AND including a Custom Awords Report at no charge.

What’s inside the Custom Adwords Success Report?

We’ll look at what you’re currently doing and give you suggestions for generating top-quality leads at a low cost by using Adwords.

We’ll look at  where you stand now, and we’ll give you a clear plan for getting more leads at a lower price than ever before…

This Is Your Last Chance To Book Your FREE 30 Minute Adwords Strategy Session

**There is no obligation to hire us to manage your Adwords campaigns, and you’ll walk away with a report loaded with ideas and recommendations at no cost to you.(Real World Value = $499)

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