Hey, Nick Ponte here. I’m a digital marketer running an advertising agency in Maui, Hawaii. We help local businesses turn their digital marketing strategies around and create winning solutions to draw in more customers. I’ve recently shared about the importance of online marketing for Maui businesses and the huge difference it makes for gaining leads and increasing revenue. The most crucial part of digital marketing every Hawaii business needs is a great website.

Have you looked into Hawaii website redesign services for your business? You may have an idea of the look you want, and some functions that would make business easier. But that’s only part of what goes into the process.

We’ve had many clients come to us looking for help revamping their websites, but they don’t always know exactly what they want. They’re familiar with some aspects of the design process – so we help them to ask the right questions about how a website will help their business grow.

What goes on between starting the process of website redesign and launching your site? What qualities should you consider updating to give your business an advantage over your competitors?

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Creating the Website Your Business Needs

If analytics show that your website performs well and meets the needs of your Hawaii business, you may not need to update much. Maybe your website needs some visual updates or rebranding. But if you’ve been striving to hit goals only to miss them time and again, it might be time to freshen things up. To see stronger results from your website, consider having it redesigned. Your site exists to enhance your business’s growth. If it doesn’t perform the way it should, it may need an overhaul.

Sometimes a website needs more functions to match the expansion of the business. Can users access your site on mobile devices? Do you get complaints about how it functions? These points hinder users’ ability to interact with your site, which affects your brand and users’ ability to purchase from you. You should work to eliminate any obstacles that potential customers would have accessing your business.

A professional marketing team can help you determine your most crucial needs–and keep up with the ever-changing digital marketplace. Don’t underestimate the benefits a well-maintained, accessible website can have for your business. Avoid lagging behind your competitors by not having a top-of-the-line site. Your business will benefit from recruiting expert Hawaii website redesign services.

I’ve put together a list of items to consider when discussing web design services for your Hawaii business. 

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6 Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Expert web design teams want to help you design the site of your dreams. Think about these points to discover how your website can best serve your business’ needs.

  • Goals

What goals do you have for your Hawaii business in the next one-to-five years? Do you want to increase views, leads, and conversions? Your strategy ought to include a mix of inbound and outbound marketing, with the goal of increasing brand awareness and expanding visibility.

A professional website service shows you the steps you should take to meet business goals through your website. They should help you set up a digital marketing strategy that goes beyond a functional webpage

  • Appearance

Create a good experience for users accessing your business through your website. It’s often the first impression someone gets of your company, so it ought to leave a positive impact.

Obviously, you want your website to look good. Quality web design includes the appearance of visuals, like photos and videos, buttons, fonts, and colors. But with website redesign, we’re talking about more extensive changes than simply aesthetics. Your site needs a good layout that users can easily understand and navigate.

  • Function & Navigation

Users expect quick loading speeds, so don’t expect them to stick around if your site loads slowly. In fact, a slow loading time is one of the fastest ways to lower your retention rate. So make sure your website doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds to load.

Another aspect that users find frustrating: not understanding the navigation. You can solve some of this by having clear navigation bars at the top of your webpages, and including CTA links throughout the pages.

If you have purchasing functions for ecommerce on your site, make sure they run smoothly and offer clear communication about each step of the process.

  • Analytics

Analytics can give you a wealth of information about your website’s performance. Do you know how to read them and make changes based on what you see? You should have information regarding your highest- and lowest-performing pages. Even though each page has a different function, you ultimately want pages that drive conversions. You also want to know the retention and click-through rates so you can make adjustments where needed.

  • Content & Copy

If you haven’t put much thought into the content of your website, it’s time to do so. Consider search engine optimization (SEO) on every page. Include top keywords for your industry, keeping in mind your niches and specialties. You want users to spend more time on your pages and website, so connect them to more of your website’s pages through backlinks to related content.

  • Cost

Some business owners wonder about the costs associated with having a website redesigned for them. Every owner has to decide the value of their time spent on these aspects of their business, and whether or not investing in professional web design services will benefit them more.

The costs of expert teams’ services vary, depending on the extent of your needs and the continued services you may opt in for. If you decide to make the leap with website redesign services, look for quality agencies who take a deep dive into improving your Hawaii business’s website.

We offer a free audit to businesses who want to explore website options. We can help guide you through goals and how to make them a reality. We’ll also help you come up with a timeline so you can get ready to launch a stellar website, ready to create new leads and draw in customers.

If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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