Hey, Nick Ponte here. I’m a digital marketer in Maui, Hawaii, and I love sharing tips and tricks that local business owners can put into practice for their advertising strategies. I’ve been sharing from my experience running an advertising agency about how to make website improvements to increase traffic and responses.

Many new business owners find the topic of SEO perplexing. You have to wait a period of time—even up to a year—to see the subtle increases it gives you month over month. Instead of anticipating quick results, think of SEO like a long-term investment. You can’t expect to make  quick changes and instantly land in the top results on Google searches. 

What kinds of outcomes should you expect, instead? How much should you invest into SEO? SEO requires funding, just like with paid searches and ads. However, they produce results at a different speed. View it as more than just an investment of time on your part. It’s worth your funds to budget for it, as well. What should this look like in the marketing of your Maui business?

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Considering Local SEO as an Investment

I see many new business owners assume that having content or products listed on their website will be enough to organically increase traffic. SEO won’t give you immediate results. Just like a garden takes cultivation to grow healthy plants, flowers, and fruit, SEO requires tending. It takes time to add content to your website, build up a substantial amount of keywords throughout, and for search engines to index your pages. The results show up over time with compounded improvements. With steady monitoring of keywords and some perseverance, you’ll see incredible results.


Business owners rarely find the ability to manage their company’s details and consistently create quality content. SEO takes significant time on a regular basis to maintain. On top of other responsibilities, it can get overwhelming. Then, SEO efforts fall to the wayside, which is not the place you want your website to end up. 

When push comes to shove, SEO won’t work for you if you think of it as a free way to increase traffic. Not only is time a functional currency to invest into SEO, you should also prepare to invest a portion of your budget. A small investment typically leads to small results.

How can local owners and small businesses contribute to the success of their SEO investments?

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How to Invest in SEO for the Best ROI for Your Maui Business

You need these basics to get the best results from your SEO efforts:

  • A Quality Maui SEO Team or Agency

SEO functions best with continuous improvements over time. That means it needs regular attention and updates. Instead of attempting to do it all yourself, drive results with experts who strategize. You’ve heard the saying that two heads are better than one. More heads are even better. With a team of experienced experts, you can combine your skills for the ultimate chances of success.

It takes a team of copywriters, strategists, web and data analysts, and product managers to climb the SEO ranks. You can meet people who fit this bill by networking or putting out job ads. Make sure your team continues to learn the latest strategies and stays up to date on technology. They can participate in courses, events, and conferences.

  • Excellent Content from Hawaii Copywriters

One of the most important aspects of building SEO success is the optimization of your website and content. Support it with a strong technical foundation—another reason a well-trained team of experts is necessary. The overall strategy should be to drive the customer’s journey and influence their decision to trust your company over another one.

You can implement this plan by adding regular optimized content to a blog. Increase traffic by scheduling linked posts to your active social media platforms. Also, fine tune the copy on every page of your website so search engines recognize it and show it to prospective customers. With these advertising strategies, you’ll continue expanding your leads.

  • Efficient Tools for Maui Businesses

Everyone needs the appropriate tools for their craft. SEO teams require tools to manage all the details, too. Many micro-optimizations drive the macro impact, and it can get complicated to manage each one. Automations work in your favor. Additionally, writers and SEO professionals use tools for content creation, optimization, and tracking the performance of their work.

What are the costs? It depends on the company’s needs and which gaps need to be filled. You can make marketing decisions based on your size and budget. If you’re unsure about the needs your company has, you can contact us for a free consultation.

Some companies choose to invest in an entire internal marketing team, and they hire individuals that fit specific roles. Some hire consultants to work with a few in-house team members who handle advertising. However, sometimes business owners find a better option for their small business by hiring a marketing agency. That’s where we come in. Our Maui agency’s advertising experts can help you navigate the complicated decisions and strategies involved with SEO optimization.

With perseverance and regular updates, you will see incredible, long-term results.

If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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