“Isn’t blogging dead?” 

I hear questions like this all the time. People want to know if creating content through blogs will prove to be a good use of resources. Let me tell you: it absolutely is worth your time and effort.

Last week, I talked about how to improve your website’s engagement through SEO. How do you continue to make progress in this area when your website has a limited number of pages? 

As a digital marketer, I help local entrepreneurs increase their businesses’ online presence through social media, websites, videos, and other content. Online platforms have great benefits for marketing and allow businesses to make connections, but getting people directly to your website gives your business the best chance for conversions. If you want to drive organic online traffic straight to your business, you need a strategy. Blogs provide one of the most effective ways to boost SEO for your website.

Today, I’m sharing some crucial tips for you to get started drawing online visitors in through regular blog posts.

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Do I Really Need A Blog?

If your business’s site has a limited number of pages, you should definitely think about expanding it to include a blog. A blog allows you to create pages upon pages of content, which will create more opportunities for your website’s visibility to increase on search engines. Search engines (especially Google) favor websites with more pages and regular updates. When you add content through a blog, your website becomes more searchable. Also, keywords extend throughout the entire site, instead of a handful of main pages.

While social media and other platforms limit your control over visibility because of algorithms and trends, blogs are your own platform. In the last decade, several social media platforms have exploded onto the scene and then disappeared just as quickly. While they serve an important purpose, solely relying on them would be a mistake. 

Your website belongs to you, and it won’t disappear until you take it down. It helps you connect to customers in meaningful ways and give them valuable information about your company.

Creating content for a blog takes time and effort, so you want to make sure you spend those resources in effective ways. I’m giving three important concepts to keep in mind as you get started putting new content out on your business’s blog.

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How to Create Blog Content

These three concepts will get you on the right track to create fresh blog content for your website:

  • Expand on Keywords

Identify the keywords you need to use regularly on your blog for searchers to find your website. Uncover what people in your market search for online when they look for a business like yours. 

Instead of thinking about keywords in terms of single words, figure out what phrases people search for. Get a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest, AnswerThePublic, or Google Keyword Planner.

Google conveniently displays a dropdown list of popular search results for keywords as you type them into the search box. Play around with different phrases and see what comes up. Then, incorporate some of those popularly searched phrases into your blog posts, especially in the titles.

The more often you include a topic in your posts, the more your site will pop up in search results. Expand on aspects of each topic, and you’ll have content to fill up several posts!

  • Cater to Your Audience

As you create posts, imagine writing to a “person,” your ideal customer. You can nail down your ideal buyer by considering your existing customers, thinking about who you want to reach in the future, and looking at current market research. If it helps you conceptualize, you can even give this “person” a name. For the moment, we’ll call him “George.”

Consider this example: George needs help moving into his new home, and your company offers moving services and supplies. When you write to George, make it personable. Give him tips about moving and packing, and demonstrate that your company will be the best choice to reliably transport his possessions to his new place. Think about the questions he has and answer one or two in each post.

George represents your target audience, and his needs determine the relevancy of your services and content. Keep him in mind as you think about your strategies and the direction of your company. His goals will likely change with the times, so pay attention to the market and adjust your focus when necessary.

  • Offer Substance to Readers

Keep improving your content by growing your own knowledge. Stay up on the latest information and trends surrounding your area of expertise. Read widely and as much as you can from others who write on similar topics in blogs, books, and journals. You’ll stay up-to-date on the current market AND improve your ability to provide fresh content. Win-win!

Post regularly to get your pages into search results faster. Link references to build credibility. Give visuals with professional photographs. Include stories that capture the readers’ attention and help them imagine their problem solved. Be diligent to consistently create meaningful content, and watch the results.

Businesses find so much success and growth over time because of regular blog content on their websites. Keep these tips in mind as you get started, and you’ll find your blog increasing your reach and, as a result, your revenue.

If you want to learn more or want help with your content marketing strategy, reach out to us today!

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