Hello, Nick Ponte here. I’m a digital marketer in Hawaii, and I run an agency that helps businesses improve their advertising strategies. Recently, I shared four key tips you can use to enhance eCommerce web design in Hawaii.

Do you care about your reputation? Do you know that your business has one online? It may currently have a small or large impact, but did you know that you can leverage it to enhance your marketing strategies and increase online leads? 

In the digital advertising world, we call this reputation marketing. Today, I’ve got tips about how you can use your online reputation and reviews in Hawaii to gain the best advantages and rake in more leads. 

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Why You Need Reputation Marketing

Your online reputation requires constant, ongoing management. To get the edge on your competitors, you need to stay on top of it by paying attention to reviews wherever people leave them. But I’m not just talking about putting out fires.

Reputation marketing involves much more than just awareness of user perception and damage control, though. It actually requires a significant strategy. Otherwise, your brand’s presence on the internet can feel mismatched. Your reputation needs focus.

Instead of waiting to put out fires when they happen online or attempting to manage a reputation you’ve lost control of, take the initiative ahead of time. Go on the offense, and turn your reputation into a useful asset. When you maintain control of your reputation, you help to prevent future disasters. But not only that: By creating a stellar online reputation, you establish an online footprint and strengthen SEO, build a loyal customer base, build credibility with prospects, boost visibility, and enhance engagement. This tactic creates positive results, rather than waiting for negative outcomes to find you.

Plus, reputation marketing is extremely cost-effective. Your only overhead includes basic costs you already budget for, like your internet bill and hourly wages.

So, how can you build a successful, cost-effective online marketing strategy using your reputation?

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2 Ways to Outplay Your Competition with Reputation Marketing in Hawaii

Try these three methods to give your Hawaii online reputation a boost:

1. Get On or Update Google My Business

If you want a tool for reputation marketing that gives you an incredible return on investment, create a Google My Business account. You can build the account for free, and Google includes several incredibly useful tools for business owners to use and measure SEO and ads, track analytics, and keep up with Google reviews. Google’s reviews get some of the most publicity of any review sites online, so you can’t go wrong by giving those reviews your time and attention.

Google My Business doesn’t stop there. It also shows you how to set up your account so that your business info pops up in a special sidebar in searches. Check out tutorials to get the most out of all their tools and features. You can also check out the blog for the latest information about trends, technology updates, Google updates, and more. 

2. Use Reviews as a Marketing Strategy

You may have seen businesses responding to reviews. While that strategy works great to help curb dissatisfaction and improve negative perception, it won’t give you the results you actually want to see. Instead of thinking about reviews as a problem you have to respond to occasionally, move the concept to the forefront of your strategy. Leverage user opinions to your advantage.

Make getting reviews a major part of your marketing strategy. Work to get reviews constantly by asking for customers to leave them. Provide incentives for honest reviews on Google, social media profiles, and third-party sites like Yelp. Make sure you stay on top of those third-party site profiles. If your business has a page on TripAdvisor or any others, get control of it. You don’t want random reviews floating out there that you don’t know about.

3. Use an Online Reputation Marketing Service from Hawaii

If you feel like the constant management of your online reputation requires a large chunk of your workweek to actually gain traction… you have the right idea. Playing offense takes major work for any team. Without a clear strategy in place, reputations can get away from you quickly and without much notice. If you sit back and allow other people to control your reputation, you’ll eventually have a problem on your hands.

Recruit a quality Hawaii reputation marketing service, like ours, to take your business to its potential. An online reputation marketing service monitors your online presence on a daily basis, responds to reviews as they come in, and prioritizes gaining new prospects for you. That way, you can focus on the next steps in business growth. 

Whatever your reputation, we can help you build and enhance it to make your business a leading voice in your area of the marketplace. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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