Hello, Nick Ponte here. I’m a digital marketer in Maui, Hawaii. My agency helps local businesses leverage strategies to increase traffic and revenue. If you’ve considered working with a Hawaii advertising agency, I have 10 conversation starters to help you gauge their expertise.

When we talk about marketing in the context of a small business, we typically mean ramping up web and foot traffic. How can a small business in Hawaii increase these results?

In archery, competitors follow certain best practices to make sure they nock, draw, aim, and then release the arrow to hit the bullseye. These standard principles get results, and every archer has to build up their skill level and make the sport their own.

We have the same idea about principles in marketing. Expert marketers work on specific aspects to increase impressions, traffic, engagement, leads, and conversions with the goal of hitting your business’ targets. For small business marketing in Hawaii, you can see improvements in all of these areas by strengthening your digital marketing strategy.

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Marketing in Hawaii Will Help Your Small Business Succeed

Your business can have a large impact, no matter its location or size. For small business marketing in Hawaii, it comes down to leveraging your resources and emphasizing your offers to interested buyers. When you reach the right audience, you’ll find more leads and grow your revenue.

Some aspects of small business digital marketing in Hawaii, like SEO, deliver the best results with long-term strategy. However, you can see several quick increases with social media marketing and PPC advertising. With an expert team of marketers working as your coach, you’ll dramatically expand the opportunities your business has to reach customers.

Let me share a few ways you can market your small business effectively in Hawaii.

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3 Ways to Market Your Small Business in Hawaii 

Use these three tips to increase your business’s traffic:

1. Leverage Digital Tools

Through the power of the internet, you already have numerous free and low-cost digital tools at your fingertips. If you don’t already have profiles on social media platforms, choose one you can reach your ideal customer with. Create quality social media content to engage users and start posting regularly. You’ll establish brand familiarity and communicate directly with your audience.

With Google My Business (GMB), you have the opportunity to put yourself on the map for customers looking for your business. Create a GMB profile to help users find your business’ location and basic operating information. Google also offers several free tools through GMB to help small businesses navigate the world of digital marketing through search engines.

You can set up email lists to connect with your audience and provide unique offers. You’ll also find that quality website design helps you to attract customers by providing further information about your business. You can add features that help you link directly to customers, like lead magnets and booking tools. These features automate some of your processes and lighten some of your workload, while still drawing in business.

2. Leverage Search Engines

As I mentioned, GMB works as a fabulous tool to get started climbing Google’s search engine ranks. But that’s not all you can do. Optimize your website to target users through organic searches. By creating optimized content and coding, you can work your way to the top of search engine results pages, so more users have access to your business.

Additionally, you have the option to use paid SEO campaigns targeting user keywords. You can also set up PPC (Pay-per-click) campaigns to show paid ads to warm leads. Most users find your business through search engines, so don’t neglect this tool as one of your best options.

3. Hire a Professional

Speaking of archery, expert bowmen have spent years training and sharpening their skills. They didn’t get to their level on their own. They worked extensively with supportive coaches who helped them train and learn how to edge out competition. They tested the most ideal equipment and purchased the best tools for their sport. 

Likewise, it’s best for business owners to travel down the marketing road with a strong support system. A professional team of marketers knows which tools work in ideal ways for your business. They’ve tested strategies and tools, and they have industry knowledge to give you advantages in competitive markets. An agency like ours will work with you to create a long-term strategy for your website and marketing platforms to reach a broader audience and steadily increase your revenue.

My team is ready to answer any questions you have about small business marketing in Hawaii through a FREE discovery call. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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