Aloha, Nick Ponte here. I own a digital advertising business here in Maui, and we excel at helping Hawaii businesses build outstanding online marketing strategies. We also love giving weekly tips about how you can step up your business’s advertising game. Lately, we’ve shared about the benefits of professional marketing services and how they can greatly assist you with targeted growth. Today, we’ll continue along similar lines by discussing why having a digital marketing strategy significantly benefits Hawaii businesses.

When you have fantastic news, you want to share it, right? If you keep the info to yourself, no one else gets anything out of it. So you want to broadcast through a means with the widest possible outreach.

Your product is that fantastic news that helps consumers solve a problem. You want your audience to know about your offers and how they’ll provide a solution they need. Once they’ve experienced it, you’ll have satisfied customers. But they have to hear about it before they can benefit from it…

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Expanding Digital Marketing Strategies for Hawaii Businesses

Traditional methods of marketing, while still effective in some ways, don’t work as broadly as methods of digital marketing. These days, with a majority of audiences viewing products and ads on the internet, the importance of online marketing continues to grow. For Hawaii businesses, that means you have to target ideal customers.

If you don’t reach them, your competition certainly will. I can promise you that your rivals take advantage of the digital marketplace, and if you don’t create a presence there, you can’t compete.

If you want to increase revenue and ensure future growth of your Hawaii business, you have to enter the competition of the online marketplace. Half the battle involves getting to where your audience hangs out—and they already spend time online. With digital marketing, you can reach them directly. You can broaden your exposure to increase sales. 

Online marketing also turns out to be an extremely cost-effective method of marketing. Much of it only costs your budgeted time. You don’t have to hand over a large chunk of money for a one-time advertisement that may or may not reach your intended audience, like an expensive billboard. 

Maybe you understand the need for digital marketing, but feel unsure about where to start. Keep reading for tips about how to build it into your Hawaii business strategy.

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4 Ways to Incorporate Digital Marketing into Your Hawaii Business

These 4 methods of online marketing give great results:

  • SEO

Your Hawaii business needs an optimized website so you can reach the right customers at the right time. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” This means you show up more frequently on search results pages, and ideally, you want to pop up at the top of the list. Part of this includes work through coding and web design, but a good bit gets done through website content.

We recommend having a site designed by professionals, and then, you as the owner can determine if you want further help with content optimization. This includes features like keywords, clear headings, blog posts, site maps, and more. 

  • PPC

Another cost-effective, targeted method of online marketing includes running ads. But not just any ads—try “Pay Per Click” ads to get a great return on your investment. You get quick visibility because you show up at the top of search results, and you only pay for the amount of clicks through to your website. You can even set a fixed limit, according to your budget. And you can target users based on factors like keywords, time periods, and location.

  • Email Marketing

This long-time marketing method remains effective today. It has a high ROI, and you get quick results, as well. When you run an email marketing campaign, send personalized messages to your target audience or previous customers. The more personalized, the better results you get.

My digital marketing agency uses Loom to easily record video messages for specific businesses. We have gotten incredible feedback by using this method for email marketing to contact businesses we believe we can give significant assistance to. Plus, they’re impressed by our attention to detail and abilities to pinpoint specific issues.

  • Social Media

Social media provides a great way for Hawaii businesses to build good reputations with their audience. Target local customers, as well as a broader audience, through regular social media interactions. You can also cater to mobile users, since most social media predominantly serve mobile users.

You get so many options with social media. With a regular posting schedule, you can get links out to users leading to videos, blog posts, quick offers, and more. When users follow or subscribe to your posts, they get immediate and regular access to your content. Plus, you get the option to run ads and gain even more followers.

You don’t have to accomplish all this at once. Digital marketing includes so many facets, but don’t make the mistake of avoiding it because it sounds overwhelming. Even incorporating one at a time will start you down the right track. But if you want to accelerate your success, reach out to us today. We’d love to help your Hawaii business build an incredible online marketing strategy.

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