Aloha, Nick Ponte here. I’m a digital marketer in Maui, Hawaii, and my agency helps local businesses create winning advertising strategies. Last week, I gave several tips about social media marketing in Hawaii.

Social media bolsters brand reputations. Reputation marketing involves various other methods of influencing the public perception toward brands and businesses. The desired outcome? Turning consumers and shoppers into loyal customers.

How can you increase visibility of your brand and positively influence consumers’ opinions?

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What Positive Reputation Marketing in Hawaii Does for Your Business

If you don’t have a reputation among consumers, especially within your audience, you only get a small amount of your business potential. Figure out how to influence a positive reputation among consumers through reputation marketing in Hawaii.

A good reputation enhances your brand value. When consumers have a positive opinion of your business, your products will appear more desirable. Through reputation marketing in Hawaii, you control the narrative surrounding your brand. Public perception of your business doesn’t simply become subject to the whims of market trends or seasonal shopping.

But a good reputation isn’t a one-and-done deal. It takes ongoing work to keep it up. If you want the best chances of influencing a positive reputation, we have several tips for you.

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How to Create Positive Reputation Marketing in Hawaii

Try these tips for maintaining your online reputation:

1. Maintain Accurate Information on Your Website

Have you adjusted operating hours? Do you have the same email and phone as when you last updated your website? Make sure your website reflects any changes like these, so users can easily find it.

Don’t forget about what they see on search results, too, like title tags and website descriptions. Many customers find your business first by searching the internet, so you want to make sure they see accurate information they can use to get in touch with you or visit your location.

2. Use Social Media Sites Popular for Your Audience

Set up branded profiles on social media sites where your target audience spends its time. Post and engage regularly with users. Set up scheduled posts and cross-posts between Facebook and Instagram, or through programs like Hootsuite and Cloud Campaign. Keep these posts focused and branded, and you’ll influence your reputation on these sites. You can also share any positive publicity your business gets.

3. Established Profiles on Review Sites

People trust objective consumer reviews more than what a business says about itself. You need to have reviews on 2nd-party sites, like Angi, Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Reviews give consumers a sense of your business and the kind of product you offer. They also increase your business’s online visibility and digital footprint. Reviews enhance your SEO. You see results, and it’s free advertising.

When you get negative reviews, respond to them and offer to improve the experience or correct negative outcomes. Respond to positive reviews, as well, thanking them for their business and feedback. You don’t want to have bad reviews floating around the internet that you don’t know about and that negatively affect your reputation. To stay on top of these, make sure your business has control of any profiles on these sites.

4. Set Up Google My Business Account

We always recommend businesses set up a Google My Business account. With a profile, you can keep users informed of updates to business hours or any other important changes.

Your GMB listing may be the first thing someone sees when they search for your brand. Google gives great, easy-to-learn tools and makes it so convenient to get information about analytics and statistics with their business accounts.

5. SEO: Create Content around Keywords, including Negative Ones

Take back control regarding negative associations with your Hawaii business. You can create blog posts that address concepts related to negative keywords. That way, you direct the narrative and even influence user opinions when they come across these webpages.

If you own a pet care or supplies company, you know that everyday consumers don’t like to think too much about the stinky side of pet ownership, such as litter boxes or waste disposal. If you create a positive association through your marketing, such as how you quickly take care of a need or even something humorous, you have control of your brand’s narrative. Your target audience will more likely remember you when they have a need, and then you’ll more easily gain new customers.

6. Be Newsworthy

No news isn’t good news. Get press from your contributions to charity and your involvement in your community. Encourage local teams and invest in local causes. Even if all you get is a mention, it helps improve and grow your reputation. Work on getting as much positive commentary for your brand as you can.

We understand the high value of reputation marketing, and we want businesses on the island to have it. Wherever you find yourself on the path of reputation marketing, we can help you build it even stronger, so you can become a leading brand in your niche. Many of our clients have benefited from our reputation marketing strategies.

If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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