Aloha, Nick Ponte here. I run a digital marketing agency here in Maui, Hawaii. Not everyone knows what makes up good digital marketing services, so I like to write about the types of services that most benefit Hawaii businesses. Here, I give tips and tricks for businesses to use for their marketing strategies, websites, content creation, and social media.

One underutilized form of advertising is social media marketing. Businesses often use some form of social media, but it’s often not as implemented in a way that does much for building revenue. Some businesses recognize they need a presence on social media and don’t know where to start. Others question whether they even need it.

Does a common solution exist for social media marketing in Hawaii?

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How Social Media Marketing Benefits Businesses

When you understand the power of using social media’s advantages in your marketing strategies, you’ll know what an incredible resource it provides for small businesses. Why? Because having a presence on social media lets you right in the door where the consumers hang out. You can walk up to them and give them a direct invitation to your products or services.

The strategy works by allowing you to connect with an audience and interact with them. Social media allows you to connect directly with customers in a variety of forms, like videos, chats, and social groups. You can engage users and leverage free advertising opportunities through posts and user shares. These build brand awareness—and increase website traffic.

Plus, you get to rake in customer data and use that information to create content that resonates with users. Special analytics allow businesses to track engagement and identify more ways to reach customers. You can create actionable marketing strategies with collected user data. Then, promote your content to specific demographics, locations, or people with niche interests to make messaging resonate with targeted users.

The ultimate goal of social media marketing in Hawaii is to increase sales. In the days of digital ads and influencers, social media strongly impacts user buying decisions. When a trusted individual recommends a product or service, followers gain interest.

With all these available features, social media has become an irreplaceable tool for marketing. If you feel unsure about where to start your Hawaii social media strategy, I have three tips for you.

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3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Use these ideas to improve your social media strategy:

1. Create Shareable Content

Imagine a brand that you remember because of a clever commercial or humorous ad. I think of a billboard with a quirky mascot that plays to my desire for a snack while I’m driving, or a relatable meme that makes me chuckle when I scroll past it on social media. You may think of the little green spokes-lizard for a certain insurance company. Those ads “stick” with us because they engage our wants and needs while creating positive association with the brand.

As you create content for social media, aim for “sticky” content. This content immediately attracts and engages customers when they see it. It moves them toward purchasing products, but it also influences them to share. On social media, this is invaluable. When users see an endorsement of your company through a shared post by someone they know and trust, whether an influencer or an acquaintance, your audience grows. That means the creation of shareable content for social media in Hawaii is one of the most important ways that this type of marketing drives growth for your business.

2. Encourage Customer Engagement

As you move forward with your social media strategy, aim to get customer-created product reviews and recommendations you can feature on each platform. Offer incentives to share through contests or giveaways, or provide a coupon to customers who write a review.

When customers do some of the work of creating content and promotions, it’s a winning situation. You get brand exposure with little or no cost to your business. Plus, you get recommendations from customers to their friends, family, and acquaintances. You also get further opportunities to grow your brand’s audience, as you engage with customers and reach new ones.

3. Hire a Social Media Manager

To really have the success with social media that your business needs, you need to have a solid understanding of how marketing campaigns work on social media platforms. You should also learn which platform your target audience and demographics use most, because you’ll want to focus on those.

A team of professional social media marketing experts can help you discover the best solutions for your digital advertising needs. They can monitor your analytics, create content, and engage users in ways that drive sales and build revenue. A good team has a thorough understanding of the top strategies and the frequent updates affecting how businesses reach audiences.

If you want to see results that drive new business to your company, we recommend hiring an expert marketing team. Our specialists know what they’re talking about, and we have the results to prove it.

If you want to learn more or want help getting started with a social media strategy in Hawaii, reach out to us today!

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