Have you considered optimizing your Hawaii business for voice search?

According to several studies, over 50% of teenagers and 40% of adults are already familiar with Siri, Cortana, or other voice search options. People are using them on a daily basis to get immediate answers to their most pressing questions.

As voice search steadily grows in popularity, it is important for businesses to consider the ramifications of new consumer patterns. So is your business in Hawaii ready for voice search?

Voice Search Hawaii


Even if you don’t use voice search yourself, you should be aware the technology exists. It’s important for you, as a business owner, to respond to the changing market by optimizing your business’s voice search results.

Voice search allows individuals to literally “speak” to their devices – smart phones, tablets, laptops and the likes. Devices today are able to perform internet searches based on the question or statement the user provides, in order to find an appropriate response based on the gathered data.

In simple words, this means people are talking to their devices instead of typing their request on Google.

This innovative way of human/technology interaction presents new opportunities for businesses in Hawaii. Since individuals naturally talk differently than they type, you should consider optimizing your online presence accordingly.


Did you know people are changing the way they find your business?

Everyday, new advancements in technology alter the way your customers search for their goods and services. This means that the best way to stay relevant in your industry is for you and your business to adapt to the flux of the consumer’s market.

You may feel silly talking to your phone or laptop, but statistics show that more and more people are using voice search on a daily basis.

These individuals are also often people on the go and this is wonderful news for your business! People using voice search today are statistically eager to find your company and they could also be ready to make buying decisions.

With this particular consumer base rapidly expanding, you could be missing out on a target audience, ready and willing to give you their business.

If you’ve already invested in search engine optimization, you may think that you are already reaching your target market through keywords and other SEO techniques. But the truth of the matter is, people using voice search today are using differently worded phrases to look for the products and services they need. And spoken sentences are often very different from the keywords typed into a browser’s search bar.

Voice search is an important key aspect of making your business mobile friendly. By tailoring your business and website to be easily found on mobile devices, you will significantly improve your clients’ experience and you could see a nice boost in traffic and website rankings.

Hawaii Voice Search


In order to optimize your business for voice searches, it’s important to understand that people speak differently than they type.

Typed searches are typically characterized by short keywords and are not always constructed as a complete, normal sentence. Voice searches, on the other hand, are more conversational and tend to be phrased as a complete question.

Each platform is different and uses a different techniques to gather voice data and deliver the results. But by simply focusing on long tail keywords, you can quickly get on the right track for more traffic. And possibly, a nice boost in rankings.

Building a keyword list to promote you small company online is the first step in preparing your business for voice search results. The best approach is to simply examine your business. Create a list of keywords based on existing web analytics and current search trends.

Thinking from your consumer’s perspective can also be a useful way to expand your list of long tail keywords. Explore what an individual on the go might need or think when they pull out their cell phone. What would a potential client say if they “asked” their phone to find your business?


If you’re wondering when to optimize your website for voice search, the short answer is definitely NOW!

Voice search use is constantly evolving. With more and more customers using their smart phones everyday, it’s important for you, as a business, to find a way to reach your target market sooner rather later.

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