Hello, Nick Ponte here. I’m a digital marketer, and I own an advertising and website design company in Maui, Hawaii. I’ve focused much of our discussion on the importance of building quality SEO into your website. If you want to improve rankings, you have to stay on top of your SEO game.

Any business that operates online should make SEO a priority, but many owners don’t realize their website design process needs to include search engine optimization. Adding it in later with content doesn’t always get you the results you need. That’s why, when it comes to building a new website for your company, you should always look for the best website design company in Hawaii!

If you build a house without a sturdy foundation, it won’t stand up to the passage of time. The whole house will be subject to nature’s elements. Good builders lay a strong foundation before any beams get lifted into place.

If you want to build the essential foundation for the success of your website, you should plan to incorporate SEO from the beginning.

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The Importance of hiring a great website design company in Hawaii for building SEO into Web Design

Many business owners put tons of energy into the aesthetic of their website. You should aspire to have an attractive website—but it’s only one step of many toward attracting customers and increasing traffic. Just because you focus on having a pretty site doesn’t make it search-engine-friendly.

And while you should also prioritize creating regular quality content, this can only take you so far in getting accurate and thorough search engine crawls. You can’t miss the crucial step of first building SEO into the behind-the-scenes aspects of your site.

Without building SEO into the web design process, you lack a foundation for a strong outcome. Business owners that miss this crucial step on the back end of their website end up suffering the consequences. They end up seeing floundering results in their analytics. They face a ton of frustration following hours of work only to see very little increase in website traffic or increased search engine rankings.

When web design is optimized, it helps search engines understand it as they crawl and index your site.  That helps your rankings improve and increases your visibility on results pages. A good website design company in Hawaii can help you achieve that goal and more.

It takes time to really see the effects of SEO after it’s implemented. But if you continually find yourself frustrated by the lack of growth you see in your website’s traffic and analytics, it could be that you have neglected SEO on the back end. If you haven’t yet built your site, you have the crucial opportunity to start this web design process. Either way, you need to create a plan for building an SEO-friendly site from the ground up.

Luckily, I’ve got some tips that will help you build an optimized website and work toward improving traffic.

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How to Build SEO into Your Web Design Process

If you want a website built for SEO success, start by following these tips:

  • Choose a Quality Domain Name and Hosting Service

When you choose your domain name, it should relate directly to your business. You’ll want to make sure any similar domain names redirect back to your original URL.

Your host choice should consider loading speed and user-friendliness. This is crucial, and even more so if you use visual tools like images and videos. If you don’t have a good loading speed, you’ll lose users. They’ll move on to the next option when they get tired of waiting for pages to load.

  • Build an Organized Site Structure

Your website structure should make sense to users. Every section should align with your main purpose. Structure your content in categories and subsections that users can access from your main page. Navigation bars work well for this. Important items should have more visual prominence, and page layout should make sense.

You want to make site navigation seamless and easy for customers, so they find a smooth experience with you. Make the experience easy. Instructions and navigation should be clear. Get some non-biased feedback about your website, so you can ensure your web work has good outcomes.

  • Hire a Local Web Design Company in Hawaii

A web design company will know SEO trends and tricks. They’ll be familiar with marketing techniques to include in your website’s design in order to get the best results and increase the success of on-page SEO. A local agency will know the best ways to reach your market.

At Nick Ponte Marketing, we don’t just design pretty websites. Our designs are optimized for search engines. We’re after getting the greatest results over the long term. Our foundation work sets up the success of further optimized content, so your site gets indexed accurately.

We can do all this plus more for your website’s success. If you want to learn more or want help getting started, reach out to us today!

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