WPM Changelog has Moved to:


January 20 2018 10:49am HST – Version 3.4

1. Issue on contact settings at the bottom of each page. When hiding address or phone number content was not centered.
  FIXED – Thank you Prisqua Camiul for pointing this out

October 13 10:49am HST – Version 2.7

1. Issue with page content not showing up on some flexible template pages.
  FIXED – Thank you Andrew Murphy for pointing this out

September 17th 7:10pm HST – Version 2.6

1. In the ” call to action with 2 button” can you make the button open up a new web page? FIXED – See open window in new tab
2. Option to remove breadcrumbs – FIXED

3. The new hide form feature doesn’t entirely remove the form.  – FIXED

September 8th 7:10pm HST – Version 2.3

1. Give the option to remove the form and paste in a 3rd party short code for new form? FIXED
2. Added a hidden token to lead form to decrease spam – FIXED

3. The new hide form feature doesn’t entirely remove the form.  – FIXED

August 29 7:10pm HST – Version 2.1

1. What we do section text color is not updating


August 21 8:00pm HST – Version 2.0

1. blog page text is white


2.. added name of fields to form submission received emails FIXED
3. Where is that green coming from? how can i change the color? 

August 18 4:00pm HST – Version 1.9

1: Updated URL field to be able to put custom url. And able to change the default button text.

2: Fixing default site name title (company name) and using the field of site title and tagline in general settings if no logo available.

August 16 4:00pm HST – Version 1.7

1. added functionality to Hide contact info in sidebar FIXED
3. • On mobile, the banner on all pages except the home page is aligned to the bottom instead of the top. fixed

4. I watched the video Color Scheme settings in the membership area. It seemed like there were two settings for text: body text and headings, but then it seemed like the body text when set to a light color doesn’t work in those areas that have a light background. So you end up with text that’s readable in some parts of your page, and not readable in lower parts of the page. What am I missing?

For example at 2:03 in that video the light grey text color doesn’t work under the Private Dinner in Maui box, or under the Contact Us headline where it says Contact Us today to get a free consultation!

Is that one setting of body text color supposed to cover all instances? Fixed

• On desktop, once you scroll down and the header changes from light/dark, the top nav links no longer highlight on hover. fixed

August 15 4:00pm HST – Version 1.6

1. The logo seems to be running very close to the Copyright info in the footer.  Depending on which browser I am using the logo sometimes overlaps the Copyright info.  Can you please fix this FIXED
2. can we add a footer location for menus FIXED
5. I picked up your theme, I am trying to edit the pages but I cannot
delete the section for email and phone. How do you do that? FIXED
6.  I know there are only 5 different kinds, but could they possibly have a specific name for what they do? FIXED
7. How do we edit the sidebar? Clients has no social accounts yet if ever, so left blank but it shows an empty “follow us” section in the sidebar. In fact, anything you leave empty, still shows like a header somewhere, if you leave it blank, the underline will still show. Should we create a new section in the options for sidebar? FIXED
8. option to remove the phone number from the footer contact. I want to keep the email and address but not the phone number. FIXED

9. I just logged in to make some edits, and when you click on the home page and then click edit it takes you to the page, but all the sections to edit are moved way over to the side bar and the middle of the page is blank. FIXED

10. Ok, I just logged in to make some edits, and when you click on the home page and then click edit it takes you to the page, but all the sections to edit are moved way over to the side bar and the middle of the page is blank. FIXED

11. I just wanted to let you know that after I updated the theme this morning I checked the copyright area and my website logo looks fine when using IE, but with FF and Chrome the copyright information overlaps most of the word copyright. FIXED

August 14 4:00pm HST – Version 1.5

1. Nick, I would like to request the addition of Block 5 to the existing Flexible Content Page. This Block 5 will be similar to Block 4, except that the picture will now appear on the left side, with the text on the right. It will gives another option or variation when building new home page.  FIXED

2. we need to add recommended image sizes under ALL custom fields , image sections – FIXED

3. can we decrease this padding a tiny bit on home page – FIXED
4. lets remove meta from all sidebars…. FIXED
5.  Nick I was just at the demo site (test-privatemauichef-com) and there doesn’t seem to be a default zoom for the map. On initial load it’s zoomed waaaay out. Any way to set a default zoom in the theme? Thanks. FIXED
7. Inquiries is spelt wrong….. FIXED
8. this site has a new Facebook share image but it doesn’t work
There is now an extra step you need to take after uploading the image , you need to debug it in FB , see the imageFIXED
9.  Center these? FIXED
10. Ability to hide certain fields of the OPT IN lead form FIXED

Version 1.4

1. Add phone number to top bar (click to call link) make it a little noticeable, also give it and the email in the topbar a true or false option to hide either them from front end

2. fix testimonial spacing below on mobile
3.  It looks like the blog posts don’t show the tags anywhere, or multiple categories (just shows the category in the breadcrumb trail?). Could you add the option (so people can enable/disable it) of showing “Categorized as” and “Tagged as” lines underneath the posts? Would make the posts more user-friendly!
5. We need a visible phone number or call button on the mobile somewhere above the fold