Villas By The Cove

What story does your company tell? Or in the tried and true marketing term…what is your USP, unique selling proposition?

Its’ all about defining who you are, what makes your product stand out above the ordinary. If someone asked you this moment to describe your USP, could you answer without hesitation? What unique experiences does your biz offer?

Marketers call this the ‘elevator pitch’.

When crafting custom websites it is our job to help transfer this information to digital canvas. Take our recent design for Villas By The Cove as an example.

We very quickly tell our story with images. Images that a viewer can see not just on our website, but Instagram and Facebook as well. Compelling images that tell the story and motivate a viewer to book a stay and become a repeat loyal guest.

The boutique vacation rental estate originally built in 1959 as beach bungalows now offers renovated luxury accommodations for over 50 guests. Guests can choose from nine Villa Suites, the Plantation Beach House and the Ocean View Hideaways.

Ideal for wedding groups, family reunions and retreats, Villas By The Cove offers several communal spaces, a swimming pool, an events pavilion and unobstructed ocean views just steps from the beach.

If you’ve been to Kihei recently, you’ve probably seen that beautiful sign next to The Cove beach park, but now you have the full story.

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