Marketing for business in the 21st century has seen the advent of web marketing, which includes marketing on social media pages.

People of all walks of life, all over the globe are linked to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

And a savvy business owner, regardless of whether you own a large or small company, recognizes the internet’s reach when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Hiring a company like our Hawaii-based web design and marketing company can help you optimize the internet and social media presence your business has or should have.

And when it comes to social media, your Maui Instagram marketing campaign should be creative and tie in neatly with the branding your company is trying to promote.

We can help with your Maui Instagram promotion ideas to make sure your website and social media presence accurately and uniquely represent the branding campaign you want your customers to be seeing.

So a successful Instagram marketing campaign should consist of several Instagram competition ideas or Instagram photo contest.

We can help and even show you how to run an Instagram giveaway promotion to help build relationships with your customer base.

Let Us Show You How to Run an Instagram Giveaway Promotion

Let Us Show You How to Run an Instagram Giveaway Promotion

One of the most simple yet effective Instagram competition ideas is knowing how to run an Instagram giveaway.

And the most basic is to use the power of Instagram’s most essential features: taking and sharing photos.

You could host Instagram photo contests that encourage customers to view the pictures, and as viewers (interchangeable with customers, actually) see the photos, they will interact by following you, and they can vote on their favorites. Winner gets a free product or service you provide.

This takes interactivity in the realm of a business promotion as something as simple as viewing, liking, and following photos.

The people or customers who are on Instagram as doing these things anyway, you’re just taking advantage of this in a fun way.

And now, you’ve created an in-house, straightforward and cheap advertising gimmick that advances your brand promotes a campaign and gets customers following you on Instagram as well as communicating with you and other customers.

This continuity and creativity can go a long way in assisting your marketing efforts and tying them with the rest of your web marketing and other marketing campaigns.

Some Instagram Competition Ideas That Will Work Web Magic for Your Maui Business

Instagram competition ideas can be simple and immensely popular, especially if you tie them into current trends.

Put a post together with a fresh photo spread of a product or service and encourage customers to like the photo. On Instagram, this is possible with a double-click.

Pick one customer who has liked the photo at random and award them the prize. You could have a daily version of this contest for a token giveaway, a weekly contest for a bigger prize, and then offer a monthly winner for a package of brand-specific prizes.

Individual gifts with your logo or brand. Items like t-shirts, hats, mugs, or even a trending gadget like a fidget spinner toy with your company brand on it.

You can also host contests with the ever-popular selfie, which is a photo that people take of themselves.

It could be just the simplest idea of the best selfie of the day or make it creative with a selfie that encourages them to incorporate some images or branding ideas based on your company’s products or services. A total win-win.

Another great Instagram competition idea and Instagram photo contest are to have a photo contest that is theme-driven. It could be a theme that has something to do with your business or some trending topic or subject that will always be popular, like wedding photos, baby photos, vacation or silly photos.

And how about an Instagram photo contest that occurs in-house? You could have these a couple of times a day, maybe for a time frame of an hour, and customers who are there share photos of themselves in your store or at your location.

Best one wins (or just one picked at random) once the hours up. You could give the winner a special coupon with savings on a current purchase or a pre-determined prize. These could be spontaneous contests or one that you advertise in advance, or both.

Let Us Be Your Web Marketing Firm for Maui or Hawaii-Based Company

Let Us Be Your Web Marketing Firm for Maui or Hawaii-Based Company

Our web design and internet marketing company is proudly serving Maui and all of Hawaii.

We have a team of experienced professionals in the industry who are always training and staying on top of the latest internet trends and techniques to market your website and social media pages to draw the highest traffic to your sites, pages, and the company overall.

We want to earn your trust and your business so feel free to contact us for a no-hassle consultation, and we’ll assess your website and web marketing needs.

We can assist with a redesign or redevelopment of your website and web marketing strategies, or we can help you start from scratch.

Our web wizards are talented and creative and will construct a unique and personalized web and social media presence for your business that will be the envy of your competitors.

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