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Maui Search Engine Optimization: Here's How It Works

The Maui SEO service that speaks for itself. We've helped generate over $10+ million in sales for our clients and would love to work with you directly.

Here’s what our SEO process does for you:

  • Gain More Visibility: We stay on top of the latest changes that regulate results for search engines. This means that our strategies are always in line with Google's latest algorithm updates, helping your website boost rankings for the most profitable search terms related to the products and services you offer. Have you ever heard the expression “All roads lead to Rome”? With our Maui SEO strategies, your website can become the next the digital Rome!
  • Exponentially Grow your Clientele: If you want to get in front of your competition, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. That's why, when you entrust us with your website and SEO strategy, we make sure to tailor our services in such a way so that your website will get the boost it deserves in the search engines, resulting in higher web traffic from more potential customers.
  • Increase Sales: An influx of targeted traffic will naturally increase business opportunities, giving your website optimal potential for expansion and an increase in sales. Our SEO optimization strategies ensure the right people will find your website immediately!

Personalized Maui SEO Services

At Nick Ponte Marketing, all of our clients are VIP. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we get is how well we stay in communication with our clients and how quick our response time is. Don't waste your time with other SEO companies who go dark, dont pick up the phone, and take forever to get back to you. We believe the best websites are created with understanding and precision, we value the relationship we build with all customers. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will work with you personally for the entire duration of your marketing campaign in order to design and develop a website that uniquely captures the essence and priorities of your brand or business. We love what we do and that enthusiasm is reflected in our work and business relationships.

An Introduction to Nick Ponte Marketing's Maui SEO services

The easier a website is to locate, the more traffic your will get. That's where we come in: we want to help your website become the top hit in internet searches for the most profitable terms related to your business!

By studying your business strategies, products and services, we can predict what future customers will search for before they search it! By dwelling into the minds of your potential clients, our team will customize a personalized Maui SEO strategy for your website, helping it reach the top spots in Google for the most profitable keywords related to your niche.

In order to achieve great results, we use professional, local SEO strategies that are designed specifically for your business and use proven keyword optimization techniques in order to improve your Google rankings until it reaches the top spots. With years of experience, Nick Ponte Marketing has mastered this local SEO process, guaranteeing an increase in website traffic!

The Benefits of investing in a Maui SEO Expert for your local business

In the digital world (and Maui), an excellent SEO service like ours is paramount to the success of your business. This is because the less exposure you get, the less income you'll generate. On the other hand, optimizing your website for the search engines will give your company a leg up on the competition and provide future customers the opportunity to find your business first! Our team consists of passionate, Maui SEO experts, specialized in identifying the most popular keywords that your target customers are typing into Google and blending them smoothly into your website’s content so you'll show up first on search engine results!

Pricing: How much do SEO Services cost on Maui?

In a world where billions of people rely on Google to find answers to their questions, investing in SEO services and improving your site’s rankings can make all the difference. Our marketing agency offers competitive prices to develop and implement the right site optimization techniques so you can increase your business and save money on advertising, with a guaranteed way to attract more potential customers.

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Contact us for a completely free consultation. A member of our team is always available to quickly and efficiently assess your company's needs and discuss a personalized solution. We are happy to assist you in any way possible!

Hire Local SEO Professionals on Maui

Nick Ponte Marketing is a top-notch local agency on Maui, with years of experience and glowing recommendations from previous clients. We are made up of a team of highly trained creative professionals, all dedicated to performing at the absolute highest professional standards, providing the best quality service to each and every project. By working with our team at Nick Ponte Marketing, you'll ensure your business is in the right hands!



90% of a campaign’s success relies on the proper selection of keywords. That in mind, the first step of our local search engine optimization process is to learn more about your business and understand how to best optimize your website for search:

  • We will understand your business, identify your target market and study your competition;
  • We will research and select the best Keywords that should drive relevant traffic to your website;
  • We will identify potential obstacles affecting your site's performance and come up with the best possible strategy to overcome them.


Did you know backlinks still contribute to over 60% of rankings in search? Off-page SEO signals are extremely valuable because they tell Google and other search engines that your website is important to others on the web! That in mind, here's how we craft our powerful off-page SEO strategies:

  • We analyze your digital footprint and build our local SEO campaign based off the referral information in the world wide web about your website;
  • We balance out your anchor texts to create a natural and balanced off-page profile;
  • We build inbound links for your site with our proprietary outreach program that acquires referral backlinks from unique publishers online each month.


Over 80% of ROI opportunity is found through Analytics and Periodic Reporting. As a reputable marketing agency, we thoroughly researched and heavily invested in the right technology to provide our clients with custom reporting on a regular basis.

We generate monthly reports and campaign analysis for all our clients. Our SEO reporting integrates important statistical data to allow business owners holistic access to the most important marketing info about their website and campaign progress.


Based on your industry, competition and the inherent characteristics of your website, we will create a powerful SEO strategy meant to match or beat your competition, taking into consideration your website’s structure, code, as well as digital footprint distribution. This is what we call the SEO Campaign Roadmap.

  • We requisition our team of expert contributors to your project: on-page SEO experts, talented SEO Writers, experienced Analysts, Webmasters and in the most extreme cases, we have the ability to bring in seasoned SEO experts with decades worth of successful web experience to help us organize SEO strategy that's' meant to help your website conquer the search engines in the shortest time possible;
  • We report the work to you in real time and in some cases, require your collaboration in order to achieve the best results for your Maui SEO campaign in the long run.


Fact: Did you know that 70% of ranking success in small markets is attributed to On-Page factors? Here's how we exploit that through our tested and proven on-page SEO strategies:

  • We identify the technical elements of your site that can be improved to boost your rankings and drive better traffic to the most important pages on your website;
  • We match the most profitable search phrases related to your niche to the "money pages" on your website and evaluate if your website sends the correct semantic signals to Search Engines regarding their Value Proposition, product or service;
  • We create informative, SEO friendly content for your website while attempting to match your marketing language in order to befriend the search engines and reach your preferred target audience, ultimately improving your online presence and helping you gain more clients and close more sales.



After only a few short months from the beginning of our campaign, we were able to turn this client's website into a powerful, Jeep Tour booking machine!

We began our campaign with a thorough initial website assessment, auditing all the existing pages on our client's website and improving any technical aspects that may hinder our SEO efforts in the long run. After implementing our proprietary SEO checklist, we made sure to kick things off strong right from the get go!

Determining which keywords receive the most traffic and selecting the ones that are the most profitable for this niche was key to designing a powerful on-page / off-page SEO strategy for this local business on Maui.

As a result, we were able to turn things up a notch for our client, by helping him befriend the search engines and boosting his rankings, as well as bringing in more targeted web traffic that ultimately lead to a lot more clients and sales!


What Our Clients Say About Us

Strictly fantastic things to say about the Nick Ponte Marketing Agency. Long story short, NPM built us a custom website for my roofing company. Any questions that we had were answered with expertise, the site was built way ahead of schedule, exactly as we wanted it, and its already produced leads for our business. Aside from the new website, we’ve shifted gears and had NPM take over ALL of our local marketing and advertising, which has already landed us several clients in upwards of $20,000. We know this because of the conversion tracking functionality that has been built into our site (highly recommended). Thanks again Nick and team, we’ll be sending you our friends!

Gabe Krueg

Enjoying his enthusiasm, works hard, great work ethics.

Cassie Pali
Owner - Creative Island Visions

Nick designed our web site for our new business. He was professional, and a pleasure to work with the whole way through. Most important, he did everything in a timely manner and exceeded expectations. I would refer him in a second to any business owner who cares about there business, and wants quality.

Joe Monteiro
Co-Founder - Certified Air Conditioning

We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way Nick conducts his business. It has been a great experience working with him and it’s already certain that we will hire him again.

Maria Souza
Founder – Maui Stand Up Paddle Surf School

The best website designer in Hawaii! Nick Ponte was so helpful throughout the process of creating our website. We really appreciated his attention to detail, availability, creativity and patience. It turned out better than we had hoped for and Nick implemented every last detail we requested throughout the process. Thank you Nick!

Angie Troxel

Nick is a total rock star! He completes his work ahead of any deadline and he is super proactive.
He is also a great educator, helping us make the right decision for the right reason. I HIGHLY recommend Nick.

Christina Cheney
Board Member - Maui Bike League

Nick and his team have done an awesome job with my website redesign and SEO. He is also talented and intuitive when it comes to consulting regarding solutions for small businesses and their sharing and back-up concerns. As a small law firm, I had some make or break ethical concerns regarding the back-up of client files that I had been agonizing over for years which Nick was able to resolve in an hour. It is a relief to hand this part of my small business over to someone who I can trust and who has the expertise and integrity to allow me to focus more on the practice of law.

Kevin Block

Nick is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Highly recommended his Hawaii web design & SEO services!

AAron Reichert
President – Krank Cycles

Nick listens to what I have to say – and responds with excellent advice.  True to his word, he delivers Madison Avenue quality – at Maui prices.

Mark W. Lee
CPA – Maui.Tax

I had the opportunity to work with Nick Ponte marketing recently .I was in need of some graphic design , ad layout, brochure printing ,van graphics etc. His company also made a lot of necessary change to my website and continues to maintain and make tweaks as needed. Nick arranged the design and printing on a 5 by7 brochure for me on high-quality glossy paper,and had it shipped to my door in a few days .His price was even substantially less than the quotes I had received from the mainland printing companies. I will be using Nick Ponte marketing in the future for sure.

Maui Ding Doctor

We hired Nick to create a website for our small business. He listened carefully to our ideas, and added a lot of his own. The result was much more than what we expected. He obviously knows what he is doing and does an excellent job. I highly recommend Nick for a timely, creative, and cost effective way to design your business website.

Kristina Jackson
Bill Lang Window Cleaning

Nick has been absolutely amazing. He took my newly built website from page 11 to page 1 on google search in just under 30 days in an extremely highly competitive Jeep rental market. He is THE google seo whisperer on Maui. Oh and did I mention he does my google ads as well? How does a 17.42% CTR sound on Google AdWords?

Thomas Scott

I used Nick Ponte Marketing to build my website and manage my SEO for over a year now. I consistently get new bookings and am very happy with his services. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to grow their business in todays ever changing landscape!

Maria Souza

Our Maui SEO Services Crushing It For This Jeep Tour Company!

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