Your website design is the first impression visitors will have about your business in Hawaii. And you only have a few seconds to convince or turn them off. A simple and plain website is no longer an effective lead magnet because competitions are constantly raising the bar. You need a professional Hawaii webdesign company to build the type of website you need in your industry to stay ahead of the pack.

Since most potential clients and customers will visit your website before contacting your business, making a positive impact through your website is more important now than ever.

Here’s how Hawaii webdesign agencies can transform your website:

Designed to be User-friendly

One of the key features of a great website is being user-friendly. This simply means how easy it is to use your website for a positive user experience. Here are the key features a professional Hawaii webdesign company will put in place to make your website more user-friendly:

Load-time: Visitors will spend more time on your site if your pages load faster. Each of the pages on your site should load in 5 seconds or less. A slow website is a complete turnoff.

Navigation: Key pages on your site should be easier to find, including contact information, location, and business hours etc. The navigation bar should be visible on all pages.

Readability: The right text size, fonts, and colors will be used to make reading easier and to reinforce your brand image. The contrast between the text and background color should be appealing.

Appealing Design: If your website is too busy or cluttered with too many things dancing around for attention, the entire site may be unappealing. If visitors find it hard to focus on your key messages they won’t hesitate to leave for a better site.

Responsive Design: This means your website can modify its size and layout depending on the device it is accessed with. Being responsive is not the same as being mobile friendly.

Hawaii webdesign

A mobile-friendly website can be accessed via a mobile device. But a responsive website changes its layout and size depending on the device it is accessed from including mobile. There are tons of devices for accessing the internet today with different screen shapes and sizes. Having a responsive website means reaching many more people than ever.

Learn about the key things to lookout for before hiring a webdesign agency in Hawaii.

Built for Conversion

What’s the essence of a user-friendly website if it can’t convert visitors into leads and repeat customers?

One of the key objectives of a professional Hawaii webdesign is to convert visitors into leads and drive them though the sales funnel via various strategies. Regardless of your line of business, your Hawaii webdesign expert can transform your website into a lead magnet to boost your business.

Here are key things a Hawaii webdesign expert can do to optimize your site for conversion:

Draw attention to your landing pages

There are several ways to grab and keep visitor’s attention on your landing pages. From beautiful and appealing graphics to breathtaking videos and story lines etc. Hawaii webdesign website can help you put the right foot forward.

Make the most of directional cues and clues

There are several design methods and creative ways to guide visitors’ attention to the exact spot or message you want them to see. Either you want them to take an action, such as filling a form, watching a video or just reading a text, Hawaii webdesign experts can help you get the job done.

Place vital information above the fold

Placing the most important content/parts on your site above the fold makes them more visible. For example, contact information, search bar, and navigation, can be placed above the fold to boost engagement on the site.

Reinforcing your brand’s image

Generally, your website design can reflect your entire brand reputation as a business. Having a design that reflect your business overall value, culture, and style etc. can boost your conversion rate easily.

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