What is local SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” SEO looks to maximize visibility for websites through utilized search engines like Google. More recognition by search engines means more traffic for those web pages. Local SEO uses tactics that focus on optimizing geographical aspects of businesses, utilizing keywords and terminology that centers locally.

Local SEO is a very targeted form of advertising since it automatically pinpoints a specific audience. The idea of local SEO is to capitalize on searches of businesses in the area or “near me” searches. These types of searches are becoming more and more popular and have the ability to more directly connect the customer to their desired business.

As technology changes so should your marketing and presentation. In order to optimize your business and stay relevant it is increasingly important to be up to date and maximize your online presence. Local SEO helps to rank your business as a top web result, ensuring more of the right customers find your product or services.

Why focus on local Search engine optimization

Every business wants traffic from Google’s search results but the reality is this is becoming more and more difficult. Your business is not only fighting with local competitors but with more ads than ever before.

With these developments also comes opportunity. You have the ability to focus on multiple strategies that can work for your business and produce real results leading to an increase in traffic and business.

Being listed in local searches should always be a leading priority since it can result in immediate business especially if you have the best rating and most reviews. Customers have the ability to sort business search results by these standards so reviews and high ratings are a huge factor in your visibility and turn-around.

Expanding your area of focus can have a tremendous impact on marketing results. Many successful businesses manage a variety of campaigns in order to attract and keep customers. With the wealth of information and products circling the web, targeted marketing can successfully connect customers with businesses in their local area.

How to improve SEO for local

One method on improving your local SEO is to consider your competitors. It is inevitable that websites beside your own will appear under searches. Use this as a tool to research which of your competitors’ sites are the most visible. Examine their keywords and ranking in visibility and use that as a tool to increase your own visibility.

Voice search is another rapidly growing aspect of technology. More and more consumers on the go are using voice search to help them make decisions or locate products and services. Voice search is an important strategy to consider in order to reach this target market since many individuals using voice search are looking for immediate results in their local area.

“Near me” searches are another type of search on the continual rise, and that’s not expected to stop or slow down. Often times customers are looking for something close by, and these customers are ready to make a buying decision. If your business isn’t optimizing a strategy for “near me” you could be losing out on valuable potential customers.

Snippets are another great way to increase online visibility. There are three types of snippets: paragraphs, lists, and tables. By creating content to rank in featured snippets for your niche market you have the opportunity to increase your local visibility.

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