Last week, I wrote about the importance of PPC management in Hawaii, including some of the most important aspects business owners need as they get started with this type of advertising strategy. Now, let me tell you about what to look for in an agency when you want to outsource an incredible PPC advertising campaign.

Establishing a PPC campaign involves so much more than setting up a few ads here and there. A good advertising agency in Hawaii understands the complex technicalities behind successful campaigns. Plus, they manage the campaign every day instead of setting it up and forgetting it.

So what do you need to look for in a quality Hawaii advertising agency?

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Not Every Hawaii Advertising Agency is The Same

In the past, I’ve mentioned that PPC functions as a complex strategy requiring a broad skill set and rigorous ongoing management across several domains. Some of these include social media, website management, content, ad metrics, and optimization. Many owners opt to outsource PPC management in Hawaii because of its time-consuming nature and technical requirements.

If you decide to choose a Hawaii advertising agency to take charge of your PPC campaigns, you need to pick a skilled team that knows their stuff. If you don’t, you could end up wasting your money on a haphazard set of advertisements that don’t actually gain you customers. Since one of the main perks of PPC ads is the money-saving potential, needlessly wasting part of your budget puts you at a pretty unfortunate disadvantage. But, if you hire the right agency, they’ll accelerate your efforts and broaden the return on your investment.

What kind of Hawaii advertising agency should you hire to manage your PPC ad campaign? How can you see past the jargon to know who actually has the knowledge and skills? As you walk through a consultation with an advertising agency, treat it like an interview for the team you want to hire. Look for the following qualities in a good advertising agency:

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3 Factors to Look for in a Quality Advertising Agency

Look for these qualities in an excellent advertising agency, and you’ll know you’ve found an excellent team to handle your PPC management.

1. They Focus on Data

How does the agency you consider decide how to manage the campaigns they run? The most important factor to consider is the data. Without a thorough investigation of your current metrics, and a continuous analysis of data involved, an agency won’t have the understanding to create an effective ad campaign.

A good agency needs to take a good look at your industry and your biggest competitors to compare results of campaigns and see prevalent keywords. They should look at how any of your current campaigns perform as they look for data to create future campaigns. Ask them about what kind of tools they use and what information they see as most important, and ask about the processes behind their client plans and recommendations.

2. They Work to Understand Your Goals and Help You Develop Them

If you have the desire to create a PPC campaign, you at least have a goal of increasing your revenue. Have you thought further than that? Do you know the audience you hope to reach? Do you know what you want to achieve through your PPC campaign? Maybe you haven’t thought about whether you want to focus on impressions, clicks, brand awareness, or something else.

If an advertising agency doesn’t get to know you with questions about your goals, they may not have the experience you need to create and manage an effective campaign. An agency should empower you to decide and define your objectives. They need to have the ability to dig deep and understand your business, your audience, and your goals. They need to know how to help you expand your goals, plus have the skills to help you find solutions.

3. They See PPC as Part of the Broader Spectrum of Digital Marketing 

A good advertising agency will look at your PPC campaign and see how it fits in with the whole of your marketing plan. They know that it’s just one part of the puzzle that fits into the larger marketing scheme—which ought to include an optimized website, social media, content marketing, and inbound and outbound marketing. PPC should work together with these other components as part of a larger strategy to build your company’s audience, create opportunities for conversions, and yes, increase your revenue.

As a bonus, seek out an experienced agency who has worked with many clients in your industry. They have familiarity with audiences like yours, and they know which platforms users in your niche tend to use. They already have data about how your ads ought to perform, so they have something to measure your campaign against.

We offer a FREE consultation and would love to talk to you about our processes and how we can help your business accelerate its goals. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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