Aloha, Nick Ponte here. I’m an SEO expert in Maui, Hawaii. My advertising agency helps businesses improve their digital marketing strategies so they can reach more customers and build their revenue. We’ve talked about how working with a Maui SEO agency can boost your business’s revenue.

Our Maui SEO agency offers a free SEO audit for clients interested in exploring the potential they can gain from a strategic digital marketing plan. Why should you get a professional audit? Just like you might have a trusted foodie friend taste test a recipe you’re trying out and give you tips on any improvements you ought to make, you can have someone look over your digital marketing plan. A professional audit allows experts to examine your work and give an outside perspective based on their knowledge of consumers and industry standards. 

Have you considered getting a professional audit through a Maui SEO agency?

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Get More Out of Your Website

When you sign up for an SEO audit in Maui, you’ll receive a professional outsider perspective on your website and digital footprint. Once you’ve spent so many hours building a website and setting up advertisements and platform accounts, it can seem hard to give your own work a fair evaluation—even if you have a good idea of how each one ought to perform. For other business owners learning the ropes of digital marketing for the first time, getting a second opinion can ultimately elevate their knowledge and strengthen their digital marketing strategies to provide the desired results.

Professional SEO experts in Maui have the knowledge and experience to help business owners understand the ideal functions of their website, how advertisements play into exposure to customers, and how to target ideal audiences that funnel into more revenue. A Maui SEO agency can help businesses reach goals faster with better results. Plus, with insights from an SEO agency’s audit, business owners can avoid making mistakes with their website and SEO that cause long-term issues and customer disengagement.

If I haven’t convinced you to take this crucial first step with an SEO agency, let me tell you more about the benefits you get when you decide to jump in.

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Four Things an Agency Evaluates in an SEO Audit

How will your business benefit from a professional SEO audit in Maui? Let me share four of the main functions we look for when we perform one:

1. Evaluate Keywords for SEO Results

One of the first things we look at for a business is the use of keywords throughout the business’s website. Do keywords accurately portray your offers in a way that users can easily search and find your business? Do they reflect industry usage? Does the website feature optimized content throughout its pages? Does it currently reach the company’s target audience?

Websites often have some success in a couple of these aspects. But in most cases, we know the tips for your content and keywords that deliver significantly improved results. We can tell you how your competition handles their content and how they end up in a higher SERPs position that you do. Then, we can help you gain the edge by expertly targeting your audience and gaining more leads.

2. Evaluate User Friendliness

One aspect of websites that businesses frequently struggle with is the navigation. Users typically feel confused about where to find the information they need. Your customers will lose interest extremely quickly, so knowing what they want and placing it where they can easily find it turns into a crucial part of website design.

Do your backlinks lead directly to the pages they should, or do they land users on a 404 error page? You’ve probably experienced this yourself on other websites, and you know how frustrating it can be to not find the information you hope to see. We also evaluate links and make sure they function properly, so users can move around your website without any issues.

3. Evaluate Page Load Speed

Speaking of users losing interest, this happens all the time when websites take too long to load. Does your website have optimized page load speed? If not, you unfortunately lose more customers than you know. When a user has to wait more than a few seconds for webpages to load, they’ll quickly move on to another business with an easier-to-access website. Plus, a long loading time hurts your SEO ranking.

Users love to see quality visuals and demonstrations of your products, but you don’t want those becoming a hindrance to actually keeping them on your website. We check to see whether your images and any videos are optimized to load quickly, so users don’t get impatient and leave. Let’s correct any speed issues and make sure you have a quality server to help you engage better with potential customers.

4. Evaluate Search Engine Results

Do you know why your website doesn’t appear at the top of search engine results pages? Have you tried adding keywords to your content at every opportunity and still struggle to see any progress in your position?

Our SEO experts know that content isn’t the only factor that search engines read to order their results. Search engines also crawl the details of your website’s coding to determine its relevance to searches. We can help you figure out why you have trouble gaining positions and show you how to work your way up.

When you allow an SEO agency in Maui to give you a professional audit, you’ll have the ability to turn more leads into conversions. We’d love to talk more about what that looks like for your business. If you want to learn more about our process and sign up for a FREE audit, reach out to us today!

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Photos Courtesy of Colton Jones, Katie Smith, & Christin Hume

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