Hey, Nick Ponte here. I own a digital marketing agency in Maui, Hawaii. We specialize in excellent SEO and advertising practices to expand brand growth and increase sales. We recently talked about how to increase brand awareness through reputation marketing in Hawaii.

When it comes to choosing a good Hawaii marketing agency, how do you make the decision? If you Google “Hawaii marketing agency,” you’ll get an overwhelming amount of options. Narrowing down can feel pretty tough. Before you jump into a deal with any agency, you need to settle a few things within your own company. Let’s talk about them.

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Quality Determines Success

When you decide on a Hawaii marketing agency, you invest in a business relationship. It should provide you with benefits of increased traffic, more sales, and higher ratings. Don’t take the decision lightly—not all marketing agencies are equal.

I’ve known too many businesses who go in with a marketing agency that doesn’t have enough experience in that industry, who outsources too much of their work, or lack up-to-date strategies. Unfortunately, it ends up putting those businesses at huge disadvantages and gives them problems they have to work to erase. High hopes with little support lead to disappointment.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have more challenges thanks to the marketing agency that was supposed to provide you solutions. Fortunately, you can better shape your own outcome with more information and strategic hiring.

When you have a team of truly excellent Hawaii marketers backing you up, you’ll end up with a success story instead of deflated aspirations. It may take some sifting, but you can find a high-quality Hawaii marketing agency that meets your specific needs.

Let me show you what you need to know about choosing a Hawaii marketing agency.

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How to Hire a Hawaii Marketing Agency that Gets Results

To find an agency that fits your business, do these 3 things:

1. Define Your Goals

What do you want to happen as a result of your marketing campaign? You certainly want business growth with increased revenue. Do you have other goals? If you don’t define them, you may not see which company can help you best.

An agency should help you narrow down goals, giving specificity to each aspect. They should tell you exactly how they plan to help you with your website, SEO, ad campaigns, and anything else they plan to do. They should also give you the specifics about expectations for growth, stats, and analytics. Ask questions about their track record and request the hard data that back up their claims.

Marketing agencies might approach solutions from different angles. Some may focus more on website content, branding, or social media marketing. Others start with SEO and view other strategies as helpful offshoots. Whatever they do, they should customize it to your business and its specific goals.

  1. Check Out their Previous Experience

You might find a quality marketing agency that doesn’t fit your needs. How can you tell? It depends on their experience. Do they work with similar companies and understand common industry needs? Can they identify your business’s unique challenges and work with you to create solutions? Do they track success?

Does the agency you consider offer a free consultation? Take advantage of that, and grill them with plenty of questions. Interview the agency like you would an employee, because you are looking to onboard a team that helps you. Ask about past client campaigns and referrals. Get information about clients’ ROI and performance metrics. They should give you detailed information. Make sure they have clear and consistent communication practices.

 Check out the agency’s portfolio, and do check referrals. They should have a great track record of helping businesses in your industry build quality brands and increase revenue.

2. Consider Quality over Cost

Consider your budget, but don’t decide on an agency from a pure cost standpoint. If you try to save a buck now, it can trigger serious, long-term consequences later. Don’t settle for the cheap option and end up spending more money in the long run because you have to fix problems a poor quality service created.

 Think of marketing services as an investment. You will get out of it what you put into it. A quality agency should provide you excellent results in the long run to help your business thrive. Choose the best quality agency you can, and talk to them about options. Most agencies provide scalable services, and you can decide based on your budget. Adjust your needs as your business grows and your budget allows.

Also, a quality marketing agency provides transparent financial information and good billing practices. They won’t try to upsell you on features and services you don’t need. If you see red flags, pay attention to them. A quality agency will have the same goals as you. They want to build quality brands, to see your business to grow, and to see you retain customers. 

You make a huge commitment when you hire a Hawaii marketing agency. Ultimately, consider whether you can see yourself working with this agency and building your brand with their work. We offer a FREE consultation to help you determine if we’d be a good fit for your company. If you want to learn more or want help, reach out to us today!

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